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Kiski Valley Assembly of God Vision Statement
  We depend on the Holy Spirit to enable us to connect to God through worship and His Word, others through friendship and ministry, and our world through outreach and missions.
Connecting to God...
A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is our only hope.  Kiski Valley Assembly of God offers this hope through positive and relevant worship services.  Opportunities to learn and apply God's Word are provided in corporate and small group settings.  All are encouraged to seek growth through further knowledge of God's Word and the personal work of the Holy Spirit.  
Connecting to Others...
God provides growth and healing through relationships.  We purpose to enjoy getting to know each other and build each other up through encouragement and prayer.  Relationships grow in small study and ministry groups.  Everyone is encouraged to be involved.  We want every person to feel loved and wanted.  Every church member has a God given role to fill and is encouraged to discover and use their gifts and abilities.  
Connecting to the World...
God desires to change lives, and our commission is to spread this news.  With this goal in mind, we are involved in our community.  We present the gospel regularly and promote these opportunities through advertising and personal invitation.  We also outreach through meeting personal needs.  In order to reach even further, we support U.S. and foreign missionaries with our giving, prayer, and personal care.