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KVAG’s Values

Why we exist: Life Change

We are here for God.

We were created by Him and for Him, created to do good works He planned in advance for us to do. We are uniquely gifted by Him.

Everyone matters.

Everyone is made in God’s image and therefore, matters to God and deserves to be treated with nobility and value.

God changes lives.
Our vision is to take people from where they are to where God wants them to be. We begin and continue with grace and love, accepting people where they are at right now. Growth occurs as minds are renewed by God’s Word, and our relationships with God and others are restored to what He originally intended.

We depend on God.
The Holy Spirit and God’s Word are His means to life change. God uses His church as a vehicle for the application of His Word.

How we pursue life change: Connection

God accepts us as we are.
A contemporary and casual style welcome those who are nonbelievers or disconnected.

Genuine Community is essential.
Growth Groups and Ministry Teams help more people engage in the discipleship process.

Leaders are servants.
The attitude of ministry teams is to be servant leaders, united, honest, and humble.