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Care at KVAG
Care most often happens in unofficial ways, and we all play a part in being aware of the people around us.  Sharing life together, the good times and the bad, makes all of our lives richer and causes the church to function as God intended.  No one should feel all alone in any season of life, and sharing your life, even the rough times with others is a key part of not feeling all alone.  The Lord provides not only Himself, but His people to be a comfort to one another.  Ideally, you are both giving and receiving care in the body yourself.  If you know of a need requiring more specific attention, please see Tina Pugh.
Meals Ministry – Our former Care Team consisted of a handful of people who personally prepared and delivered meals to those recuperating from a hospital stay.  The new Meals Ministry meets the same needs but includes a variety of people to do a variety of jobs.  A menu of six nutritionally balanced entrees has been selected.  Those who are able to give provide funds for the food for the ministry.  A volunteer shops on behalf of the ministry.  Volunteers carefully prepare items ahead of time (like meats that need to be cooked and cooled).  Many meal preparation volunteers prepare three entrees at a time at KVAG’s kitchen (It is enjoyable and goes by quickly).  The food is frozen and an inventory is kept.  As they are needed, visiting volunteers deliver meals to the homes where meals are needed.  The ministry will prepare meals approximately every three months.  The cost to provide two people with six entrees is approximately $35.  We are preparing ten of each of six entrees (at an approximate cost of $350). 
Prayer Care Ministry – Ideally, we all pray for our church family.  Additionally, a dedicated group is committed to pray for everyone on the church directory regularly.  They may sometimes choose to make calls or visits as well, but you are specifically in the prayers of several people on a regular basis!